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  • Shrine Room

    Under the guidance & the supervision of the most reverend Kiramba Sumangala Thero and the President of the Ruwanpura NCoE Mr.Ajantha Nimirathna, a "Bodhi prakara" is being irected around the Sacred Bodhiya. It is estimated that around one million rupee would have to be spent on this task.

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  • Rasanisara 2015

    "Rasanisara" art festival was held on 1st of December in the maim hall of RNCoE in a glamorous manner.This was organized by the art society of RNCoE under the guidance of lecturer staff. The theme of the "Rasanisara" 2015 was "The expansion of Sinhala Music".

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Congratulation to the new batch ! Also you're welcome to the college!

It's have been wonderful to welcome another 120 students to our NCoE this week. We are now nearly at full capacity and we look forward to having our full compliment of students from next week;

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